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Johnny and Joe were saddened to read in the Examiner on July 6th 2015 of the death of Musician Alex Keenan. Joe, who is much younger than Alex, remembers him as a quiet mild mannered man who always had a smile when he saw Joe when returning from school. Johnny has many fond memories of Alex and remembers him as being a big help and support to other young bands and musicians. Alex is pictured when playing with Denny and the Witchdoctors. One shows the band in the jungle attire and Johnny remembers them during a tour of France with fans on the streets of Paris asking for autographs.

The picture showing the band in ‘normal clothes’ was how they appeared when playing in the late 60’s at the Catacombs club owned by Johnny. Pictured are from top left Alex Keenan, middle Denny, bottom left Joe Smith, Lynne and Pete Whitecross on sax.

He will be missed by many.

Jean Gledhill (nee Wiggin) has sent us four terrific pictures. Jean is on the left. Who is the girl on the right?

Here is Jean, Doreen and Linda outside the Wine Bar in their Johnny’s T Shirts and hats. Looking good ladies!

Paul Mullany handed out the fizz to Jean on her birthday. She then did a `turn` on the hoola hoop!

Just to prove Jean didn’t party all the time here she is working behind the bar in the Boy and Barrel.

Thank you Jean for sharing these memories with us. Best wishes from Joe and Johnny to you, your 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Yes, time really does fly.

Maureen and Ann having fun in the beer garden, Maureen is still in touch with us. Ann has sadly passed away but will always be remembered. Two of the people who made Johnny’s the place to make and remember friends

Johnny and Joe need your help, this is the latest photo contribution taken in the 1970s by a friend of ours. Johnny in the middle, Stewart on his right and Dave the wrestler on his left. Can you name the others?

Have any of you out there got any photos or stories you would like adding to the site?

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