First of the Summer Wine

The cast of the First of the Summer Wine stayed with Johnny and Joe Marsden in Huddersfield in 1988. This was a one off special episode filmed in Holmfirth and Tomlinsons Yard in Huddersfield.

The characters were playing the parts of the Last of the Summer Wine as young people at the outbreak of the war.

The cast was: Paul Wyett as Compo, David Fenwick as Norman Clegg, Paul McLain as Seymour Utterthwiate, Richard Lumsden as Foggy Dewhurst, Gary Whitaker as Wally Batty, Paul Oldham as Sherbert, Helen Patrick as Nora, Sarah Dangerfield as Ivy, Joanne Heywood as Dilys, Judy Flynn as Lena, Lida Davidson as Anita, Peter Sallis as Mr Clegg, Maggie Ollerenshaw as Mrs Clegg, Derek Benfield as Mr Scrimshaw.

Last of the Summer Wine

The principals and guest artists appearing in the Last of the Summer Wine have stayed with Joe and Johnny Marsden since 1984 up until the end of the last ever episode. Many have become firm, family friends.

cast and crew
Joe Gladwin (Wally Battye)


Thora’s surprise!
There was a big surprise waiting for Thora Hird from Johnny and Joe recently-none other than the Salvation Army bands of Huddersfield and Brighouse. There was a spontaneous ‘Hallelujah!’ from Thora as she was brought into the room where they were waiting-for Thora has a very soft spot for the Army. During the evening bands played a selection of well loved tunes and then there were moments of prayer. In the photograph (by S. C. Platten) the special lady can be seen with the bandsmen and officers of the two corps.

Dame Thora Hird with Joe Marsden and the Huddersfield and Brighouse Salvation Army Band

Marina and Howard caught by Pearl flirting in the Conservatory of the Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel

Johnny, Jean Alexander and Joe

Left: Jean Ferguson in the middle Angela and Johnny Marsden visiting Jean after her show in Leeds. Jean, best known as Marina in Summer Wine was performing a one woman show on the life of the late great Hylda Baker

Above: The poster with Hylda's famous catchphrase "She knows you know!".

BBC Karaoke Night at Johnny's - October 1991

Top left: Janice Marsden and John Gorringe (Production Manager)
Top right: One of the crew and Paul Pearce, restaurant manager.
Bottom left: Alan J.W Bell (Producer and Director of Last of The Summer Wine.
Bottom right: 2 of the crew dressed as Sonny and Cher singing "I got you babe"

All were on the karaoke at a wrap party after finishing 6 weeks filming in Holmfirth. The pictures were taken at the VIP bar at Johnny's

Top left: Martin Roberts in his younger days (1977) pictured with the three main characters from Summer Wine at the Royal Oak, Upperthong.

Top right: Martin and Jean Ferguson (Marina) at Johnny's.

Left: Jean, Martin and Juliet Kaplan (Pearl) in the beer garden at Johhny's.

Martin was a well liked and respected landlord in the Holme Valley and later helped to run the Palace Bar for Johnny and Joe.

Johnny's Platinum card holder, Peter Walker pictured top left, did this drawing of Last of the Summer Wine principal Peter Sallis and many others for Johnny and Joe.

0704121426 - Johnathan Linsley (Crusher Millburn of Last of the Summer Wine) with Mattamp and Mark Jameson our DJ in Johnny's Nightclub.